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Turtle Bay Pools is an authorized Viking Pools Dealer

Because fiberglass pools come ready to insert, installation usually only takes around three weeks, compared to four to five weeks for vinyl and a couple months for concrete.

Fiberglass pools also need fewer chemicals than concrete because the nonporous surface keeps the pH balanced and prevents algae. Alkaline-based concrete requires additional acid and sanitizer to achieve the same results. A fiberglass shell has significantly better temperature retention and energy efficiency.

Concrete’s primary asset is that it’s not limited by size or design, but with fiberglass’ increased selection, homeowners have more choices than ever. Turtle Bay’s inventory offers seven different shapes, including the HydroZone, which has jets designed for cross training and physical therapy.

Vinyl-liner pools consist of steel or polymer walls and a cement floor, all covered by the lining. While they’re the cheapest in-ground option, the liner can puncture, tear or wrinkle.

 - It’s smooth non-porous surface provides little opportunity for growth and development of algae, thereby minimizing pool cleaning.

 - It is more economical because it requires less chemicals to maintain proper water balance.

 - Installation time of a fiberglass pool is relatively short and can be completed in a matter of days, as compared to months, for the average pool.

 - Fabrication of a fiberglass pool shell requires hand crafted laminations enabling the fabricator to exercise rigid quality control. This results in a durable shell having approximately ten times the tensile strength and 17 times the flexural strength.

 - Turtle Bay fiberglass pools carry an extended warranty because of their structural superiority.

 - Due to the inherent flexibility of one-piece fiberglass pools, they possess a higher resistance to structural failure caused by shifting or unstable soil conditions.

 - Virtual elimination of major pool maintenance problems and expense such as re-plastering and relining.

 - Eliminates rough or pitted surfaces common to standard pools that are responsible for skin abrasions on feet, knees, hips, shoulders and hands.

 - Should any structural damage occur to the pool shell, complete repair can be easily made, restoring it to it’s original strength.

 - The pool is a permanent home improvement and yet the structural integrity of the pool shell is such that it can be moved from location to another should the need arise.

Climate Friendly.

Fiberglass Pools by Turtle Bay have resilience against any harsh climate from Canada to the Caribbean. Your Turtle Bay pool has been weather-tested to resist fading, freezing winters and scorching summers. Let Turtle Bay Pools in Bakersfield show you just how durable your next pool will be.

Ceramic Core.

The heart of every Turtle Bay pool is its ceramic core, an additional layer of protection above and beyond standard fiberglass pool construction which elevates a Turtle Bay pool to a higher level of performance. The result is a pool with quality you can depend on for many years to come.


Each pool is built with layers of vinyl ester resin and fiberglass. A Ceramic Core is then added between each layer. The final touch to every Turtle Bay pool is the closed-beam construction, which strengthens the coping around the pool. Your pool will be built to last, giving you a lifetime of memories.


With minimal maintenance and no need for resurfacing like concrete pools, a Turtle Bay fiberglass pool is the smart choice for saving both time and money. For about 30 minutes of upkeep a month, you can enjoy a backyard oasis that’s truly rejuvenating!

Modern Technology

A Turtle Bay fiberglass pool strategically utilizes the highest grade materials, including top quality ceramic, resin, gel coat, and flexural fiberglass. It’s obvious why informed homeowners are choosing fiberglass, the modern, innovative solution.